Lots Of Growing Going On

side yard garden

     During the week that I was gone visiting family in Las Vegas, Nevada, my gardens were filling in nicely.  My side yard garden seemed to have a growth spurt.  It gets the most sun of any of my gardens.  The purple-blue "midnight" salvia is the star of the garden right now. In front of the salvia are the annuals I planted, yellow marigolds and pink petunias. Following are some photos of other growth that is occurring in my side yard garden.


     While the coneflower plants are still growing and are  not yet at normal height, I found a small bloom beneath them all.

Japanese iris
     Here is one of the blooms on the Japanese iris.

oriental fountain grass

     The oriental fountain grass "Karley Rose" is finally greening up.


     I can't wait to see the blooms on the digitalis plants.  A friend gave me three of these last fall.

butterfly bush

     My butterfly bush was damaged by the brutally cold winter.  It has a lot of dead branches, but new growth is coming up from the bottom.


     I planted these zinnia seeds at least three weeks ago.   They have been very slow to grow because of the very cool May weather.


     The lavender is just about to burst into bloom.

     There is lots of growing going on in my electric garden and in my backyard garden which I will tell you about in another post.  Also in a future post I will show you photos of a very spectacular park we visited while in Nevada.

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