Flirting With Freezing

Kwanzan or the rarer Hizakura cherry?

     I postponed planting flower seeds and plants in the yard last week after looking at the weather report.  We were down in the 30's at night last week with a frost warning one night.  The beautiful Yoshino cherry trees in the front yard only lasted a week.  But now the later blooming  kwanzan is loaded with flowers.  The flowers on this tree look like flowers on the rarer Hizakura cherry in a photo from a book I got from the National Aboretum. Whatever it is, it is beautiful.  Here are some photos of what is happening in the yard.

The tulips finally showed up!

The hosta plants seem to be getting high quickly.

The two dogwood trees finally bloomed.

This is a miniature rose bush my husband gave me on Valentine's Day.  After staying on my kitchen table for six weeks, I put it out in the back yard garden at the end of March.  It just produced a bloom.

The Asiatic lilies are pushing through the soil.

The azaleas finally opened a few days ago three weeks late.

     The leaves on the trees are slowly coming out.  Most of the leaves are small, and some trees still don't have any leaves in our neighborhood.  This week I am planting flower seeds in the back and side yard gardens, and I am going to put plants in my deck pots. It is going to be May 1 on Friday, and  I am tired of waiting. 

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