Family and Flowers


     This past week was devoted to family coming from all over the US for a reunion in our area.  Relatives have been coming and going all week, moving from house to house since many of our relatives live in the Maryland/Virginia area.  We were all able to gather together on Saturday at the community center.  Thankfully the community center had power after that monster storm, as most of us did not.  We were able to pick up all the food we ordered and seek refuge from the 100 degree heat.  It was stifling in our house with relatives sleeping all over.  But with no TV or internet, the art of conversation resurfaced, and we had some interesting discussions.

    It was scary for the two days we were without power because the water pumping stations were down, and we had a trickle coming our of the faucets.  We had to buy cases of bottled water.  Gas was difficult to find because many of the gas stations were without power and couldn't pump.  The Emergency 911 system and its backup went down in the county and is still not fully up.  Our vulnerability is showing.  We only lost two tree limbs in the back yard, but there are fallen trees and tree litter everywhere, and many homes and stores still don't have power.

     My flowerpots on the front porch weren't harmed, and the plants in them are starting to bloom.  Here is what's blooming now.




     Our neighborhood has a small parade and get-together tomorrow according to the flyer in our mailbox.  We'll be attending.  Happy 4th to all.


  1. I'm so glad you're ok! My internet is still a little weird and I haven't been able to post a comment on your blog. We didn't lose power, just internet and phone service. No trees came down in my neighborhood. Happy 4th!

    1. We've had phone problems as well. Glad no trees came down in your neighborhood.

  2. Hey, L. I'm glad you and those plants came through the rough weather OK, making your family gathering enjoyable. Seems you're settling (back) in just fine.

    1. I was surprised that no flowerpots blew over. We are settling in, but it is a process that takes several months.