Garden Memories

part of my desert garden
     For the past few days a depressive mood has settled upon me in part because of the cloudy, rainy, cool weather.  On Saturday, our high temperature was 68 F, the lowest high temperature for that date ever!  But I also miss my huge flower gardens I had in the past.  When I moved to the desert, I missed my former Virginia garden.  Now that I have moved back to Virginia, I am missing my desert garden.


     I think when gardeners invest energy and time to create and design gardens using color, height, fragrance and shape, we want to hang onto them for the delight they bring us.

     Since we are renting, I can't dig up swaths of grass and put in gardens.  Even if I could, I wouldn"t want to put in the effort and money for gardens, only to leave them behind in a few months. 


     I decided to look at the photos of my former desert garden, and it immediately brightened my mood.  All these  photos are of the beautiful flowers I grew in the desert.

pansies and petunias

 white petunias

garden angel among the petunias

Mr. Lincon roses

blue cup


     This garden will be tucked away in memory for the joy it brought me.  I"ll remember gardens past and dream of future gardens.  Do you remember and cherish gardens in your past?


  1. Hi Lana,
    The garden I have now is the only garden I've ever had. I do have good memories of my mother's garden though and do feel nostalgic at times, so I understand what you mean.

    You did have a beautiful garden in the desert, and you will again now that you're back in VA! Maybe by next spring you will be able to? Sorry you're feeling blue...

    1. Thanks, Sherry. I am hoping by next spring I'll have my own yard so I can plan and plant gardens again.

  2. Amazing how much better a town looks and feels when it cares enough to beautify public spaces. Thanks for the walk, Lana.

    1. Hi, Lee. One of the reasons we love this town are all the beautiful, public places. There are many in our town. Maybe I will post about them in the future.

  3. The new owners of the last house I lived in completely neglected my garden. I've been here long enough that I've stopped thinking about it. Your desert garden was definitely a beauty. :o) If your son has any moist shade and is looking for a beautiful ground cover shrub, I have 2 potted stephandra crsipa that need a home.

    1. I learned my desert flower garden was neglected to the point that most everything in it has now died. That flower garden was so lovely to me, and I could see it daily out my kitchen and family room windows. But the shrubs, trees and plants out in the yard are still doing well. Thanks for the offer, but my son has no moist shade.