The Heat is On


     Well, I thought when I left Arizona, I left all the heat behind.  These last two weeks here, as in other areas of the country, have been brutal.  It has been above 95 F every day with several days hitting 100 F or more.  It was 105 F here yesterday, although I learned the all-time high in this area stands at 106 F.  At least it is not 112 F, which it is in the Phoenix area today.  The compressor went on the AC unit last evening, so we had another hot, sleepless night.  A repair person came at 3:00 am to diagnose the problem, so they could get us on the schedule for today.  They have been working around the clock doing repairs in this heat.

     The local flowers seem to be holding up in this weather.  My next door neighbors have been transferred and have moved away, but they threw some flower seeds in their side vegetable garden this spring.  New neighbors are moving in this week.  Here are photos of what came up in the garden next door.

neighbors flower garden


bachelor buttons



     I am not sure what this flower is.  I'm hoping some gardener can tell me. 


  1. Hey, Lana, those blooms may not be yours, but they're certainly great borrowed scenery. Enjoy.

    1. Since I can't plant much here because we are in a rental and because of the deer and rabbits, I do enjoy the neighbors flowers.

  2. The last flower is a type of red clover. They're very pretty and add nitrogen to the soil. I bought the ground cherry seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I ended up with 10 healthy seedlings I had to find homes for! Our main floor a/c is dead, too and we have someone coming out tomorrow. Yours died when it was 105? Ouch!!!

  3. Thanks for the info. I thought it might be a clover. So many older AC units are going out because of the stress of these heat waves. Hope you get it fixed right away, as this next heat wave is upon us.