Greg's Flower Garden


     Since there is not much gardening going on in my yard, I will share some photos of my son's flower garden.  These were taken in June, a month or so after we moved here.  He lives nearby, so he gardens in zone 7a.

sunflower and echinacea

balloon flower


coleus and snapdragons

gardenia bush

     Greg has had this gardenia bush for several years.  He pots it up every winter and takes it indoors.  This is not the full extent of his garden.  He has many other flowers including liatris, pentas, lavender and several other herbs.  And we regularly enjoy the abundance from his vegetable garden.  A week ago we enjoyed a side dish of tomatoes, cucumbers. and watermelon.

Garden Memories

part of my desert garden
     For the past few days a depressive mood has settled upon me in part because of the cloudy, rainy, cool weather.  On Saturday, our high temperature was 68 F, the lowest high temperature for that date ever!  But I also miss my huge flower gardens I had in the past.  When I moved to the desert, I missed my former Virginia garden.  Now that I have moved back to Virginia, I am missing my desert garden.


     I think when gardeners invest energy and time to create and design gardens using color, height, fragrance and shape, we want to hang onto them for the delight they bring us.

     Since we are renting, I can't dig up swaths of grass and put in gardens.  Even if I could, I wouldn"t want to put in the effort and money for gardens, only to leave them behind in a few months. 


     I decided to look at the photos of my former desert garden, and it immediately brightened my mood.  All these  photos are of the beautiful flowers I grew in the desert.

pansies and petunias

 white petunias

garden angel among the petunias

Mr. Lincon roses

blue cup


     This garden will be tucked away in memory for the joy it brought me.  I"ll remember gardens past and dream of future gardens.  Do you remember and cherish gardens in your past?

My Son's Garden

bush beans

      My younger son has been gardening since he started college.  At that time it was mostly container plants.  Now that he has a house with a yard, he has room for not only plants and flowers, but a vegetable garden which he gardens organically.

     I've been over to view his garden a few times and took the following photos of what he is growing.


serrano peppers


Better Boy tomatoes
habernero peppers

Purple Beauty peppers
Jamaican red  peppers

last of the lettuce
     This is not the full extent of his garden.  He grows many herbs which will be pictured in another post. 

The Heat is On


     Well, I thought when I left Arizona, I left all the heat behind.  These last two weeks here, as in other areas of the country, have been brutal.  It has been above 95 F every day with several days hitting 100 F or more.  It was 105 F here yesterday, although I learned the all-time high in this area stands at 106 F.  At least it is not 112 F, which it is in the Phoenix area today.  The compressor went on the AC unit last evening, so we had another hot, sleepless night.  A repair person came at 3:00 am to diagnose the problem, so they could get us on the schedule for today.  They have been working around the clock doing repairs in this heat.

     The local flowers seem to be holding up in this weather.  My next door neighbors have been transferred and have moved away, but they threw some flower seeds in their side vegetable garden this spring.  New neighbors are moving in this week.  Here are photos of what came up in the garden next door.

neighbors flower garden


bachelor buttons



     I am not sure what this flower is.  I'm hoping some gardener can tell me. 

Family and Flowers


     This past week was devoted to family coming from all over the US for a reunion in our area.  Relatives have been coming and going all week, moving from house to house since many of our relatives live in the Maryland/Virginia area.  We were all able to gather together on Saturday at the community center.  Thankfully the community center had power after that monster storm, as most of us did not.  We were able to pick up all the food we ordered and seek refuge from the 100 degree heat.  It was stifling in our house with relatives sleeping all over.  But with no TV or internet, the art of conversation resurfaced, and we had some interesting discussions.

    It was scary for the two days we were without power because the water pumping stations were down, and we had a trickle coming our of the faucets.  We had to buy cases of bottled water.  Gas was difficult to find because many of the gas stations were without power and couldn't pump.  The Emergency 911 system and its backup went down in the county and is still not fully up.  Our vulnerability is showing.  We only lost two tree limbs in the back yard, but there are fallen trees and tree litter everywhere, and many homes and stores still don't have power.

     My flowerpots on the front porch weren't harmed, and the plants in them are starting to bloom.  Here is what's blooming now.




     Our neighborhood has a small parade and get-together tomorrow according to the flyer in our mailbox.  We'll be attending.  Happy 4th to all.